@PositivelyPresent | Being Mindful with the Founder of Positively Present Dani DiPirro

March 14, 2019

In this episode of The Darkroom Podcast we had the pleasure of speaking with the founder and sole designer of the brand Positively Present amassing an avid following of over 350,000 people. Dani walks us through how she took her negative disposition and turned her pursuit of positivity into an impactful brand. Building Positively Present over the last ten years, Dani has launched multiple books, a blog and countless pieces of art that have been featured in Forbes, Glamour, Teen Vogue and many other publications. Dani talks us through her internal dilemma of leaving her job to go full-time as a freelancer and gives her advice for any designer or artist thinking of doing the same. Dani’s art is now hanging in countless homes and offices around the world, spreading awareness for mental health and mindfulness.

@Darkroom | Collective Growth with Darkroom Co-founders Theo Chapman and Anders Bill

March 7, 2019

In this episode of The Darkroom Podcast we tell the founding story behind Darkroom and how it came to be the platform it is today. We get into our first days of building the product and the surprising parallels that exist between founding a company and being a full-time artist. We talk about the creative industry at large: its pitfalls, low-hanging opportunities and its future role in our ever-changing economy.  The conversation dives deep into the importance of checking your mental health while optimizing personal growth as a creator. Growing collectively as a creative community is not always easy but we stress why we think it’s so important to the space and how the growing role of creators will be amplified by skill sharing. We’re humbled by all of you who listen and share this show and our platform, thanks for letting us grow with you!

@ioegreer | Get Out of Your Lane with Joe Greer

February 28, 2019

In this episode of The Darkroom Podcast we had the pleasure of speaking with legendary freelance photographer Joe Greer. Residing in New York, we caught Joe right as he was coming off his first music tour with the iconic Soul and R&B artist Leon Bridges. We jump into how Joe has created a moving body of work that reflects his growth as an artist and how he’s constantly redefining his limits. Joe offers his perspective on how to break into different areas of photography and how to embrace the uncomfortability that comes along with that change. We get a unique glimpse into how Joe tries to see the world through a frame even without his camera: studying the light, emotion and movements of subjects around him. Now handling all client work on his own, Joe walks us through the abyss of commercial photography and how he goes about pitching his vision to clients. We took away so much from this episode, and hope you do too!

@ZakaryWalters | Climbing Steep Learning Curves with Ed Sheeran’s Photographer Zakary Walters

February 21, 2019

On this episode of The Darkroom Podcast we had the pleasure of speaking with Zakary Walters, Ed Sheeran’s full-time photographer. As a trained graphic designer, Zakary spent over 3.5 years in the field in both London and New York before picking up a camera for his friend Ed. Zakary talks through how his photography is not so different from his other artistic talents and how he handles the pressures of documenting the legendary life and concerts of Ed Sheeran. Having to adapt to a steep learning curve, Zak recalls the first time walking on stage in front of tens of thousands of people to capture Ed with his fans. We get into the dynamics of touring as a photographer, what it looks like to push out content as quickly as he does and what the future holds for him. Enjoy the episode!

@CharlotteLittleWolf | Hitting the Road to Find Home with Charlotte Savely

February 14, 2019

In this episode of The Darkroom Podcast we had the pleasure to speak with Charlotte Savely also known as Charlotte Little Wolf. Born in England and traveling around the world as a child, Charlotte fell in love with the outdoors and became accustomed to an ever-changing scenery. Charlotte is now signed with Sony and has worked for some of the most recognized brands like Canada Goose, Adobe, Nike, REI and many more. We talk through her path to becoming a full time artist and how finding a place to call home can be difficult with her current lifestyle. With workshops coming up in 2019, we get an inside glimpse as to how Charlotte thinks about teaching the skills she has mastered over the years. As a true visual storyteller, Charlotte’s work has the power to take you on her adventures. Enjoy!

Format.com | A Decade of Empowering Creatives with Format Co-founders Lukas Dryja & Tyler Rooney

February 7, 2019

In this episode of The Darkroom Podcast we had the absolute pleasure to speak with Lukas Dryja and Tyler Rooney, the Co-founders of Format. For the last 10 years Format has empowered tens of thousands of creators around the world to build their online portfolio with ease. Since inception, Lukas and Tyler have self-funded Format, giving them and their team of 50 full creative autonomy to adapt to an ever-changing industry. With simplicity and design at the center of Format’s technology, they have been able to continually innovate on their product to meet the demands of their creators.  We touch on the ups and downs of their founding story, how they built a team with transparency and the role of the creator in the near future.

We are also excited to announce that Darkroom is officially partnering with Format to bring our eCommerce solutions to their creative base and together help shift the industry to a creator first mentality. Enjoy!


@LostInTheForrest | Find Your Creative Vision with Forrest Smith

January 31, 2019

In this episode of The Darkroom Podcast we had the pleasure of speaking with travel and commercial photographer Forrest Smith. For the last six months Forrest has gone full-time as a freelance photographer based in New York City, working for clients like Canada Goose, Adobe, Teva and many more. We talk through his progression as an artist and what social media has done for him from both a positive and negative outlook. While Forrest has a massive following on social media, he recently found himself shaping his work around engagement and has now rather focused his efforts on his creative vision above all else. He offers his advice for any artist who has struggled with the same and how he plans to stick out in a busy and competitive space.

@TWheat | Let Your Work Speak For Itself with Tyson Wheatley

January 24, 2019

In this episode of The Darkroom Podcast we had the pleasure of speaking to legendary photographer and director Tyson Wheatley. You may know him as the host of the Tinker Podcast or from his incredible photography. We talk through a lineup of topics in the space from the evolution of Instagram to landing brand work in today’s industry. After working 11 years at CNN as a journalist and executive editor, Tyson worked shortly at Instagram in San Fransisco. As an artist who has been in the space for years, Tyson shows how having a wide range of experiences in photography translates to confidence and ultimately work that speaks for itself.

@ShortStache | Become a Storyteller with Garrett King

January 17, 2019

In this episode of The Darkroom Podcast we had the pleasure of speaking with legendary lifestyle and adventure photographer Garrett King also known as Short Stache. Raised in Texas and now residing in Southern California, Garrett is as ambitious and creative as they come. He’s now a full-time artist whose unique style and timeless imagery have paved the way for him to travel across the world shooting for a variety of clients. We talk through what it takes to become a storyteller for both his personal brand and for anyone who hires him. Garrett talks about how he releases his own creativity through experimentation and how to stand out amongst the noise.

@HeatonThomas | Doing What You Love With Thomas Heaton

January 10, 2019

On this episode of The Darkroom Podcast we had the pleasure of speaking with landscape and travel photographer Thomas Heaton. Thomas travels all around the world documenting his work and sharing it with his audience on YouTube. Thomas is constantly trying to show other artists how to not only capture amazing content, but how to choose gear and make a living off their work. He offers his perspective on the current state of social media and shares what it is like to have an audience that relies on him for consistency.